TECH TALK | Lightning Systems – Electrifying Your Fleet: What To Look For
April 14, 2020
This webinar explores how Colorado’s Lightning Systems is moving the fleet electrification industry forward. Executive Editor of Fleet Forward, Chris Brown interviewed Lightning’s CEO, Tim Reeser on the company’s efforts to electrify commercial vehicles through innovation, education, and expanded production capacity. The webinar also provides an exclusive look of the Lightning facility and some of the vehicles currently in production in Loveland, Colorado.
TECH TALK | ChargePoint – Making Electric Work
April 17, 2020
Join DMCC, ChargePoint’s Ian Markovitz, Davin Jader, David Peterson, and Unico Properties’ Edmee Knight to learn more about the latest ChargePoint technology, product offerings, and hear what they are working on in electrification solutions. Learn more about solutions for property developers, workplace, and multi-family units in this webinar.
TECH TALK | OrangeEV – Terminal Truck Experts
April 23, 2020
Join OrangeEV’s Hunter Moore to learn everything there is to know about terminal tractors in this webinar. Hunter provides an overview of the off-road terminal tractor market and provides details about the equipment. Enjoy a walk-around of the equipment and listen to the Q&A session with the OrangeEV team.
TECH TALK | Propane Autogas – Raising the Bar on Clean Fuels
April 29, 2020
Join the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), Roush CleanTech, and Bimbo Bakeries’ fleet manager to learn about the benefits of propane autogas, applications for medium-duty fleets, the latest engine development, and the future of renewable propane. Enjoy an overview of Roush CleanTech’s near-zero propane vehicle technology and learn more about how propane technology can dramatically reduce harmful NOx emissions.
TECH TALK | Lightning Systems – Freebee’s Fleet Electrification Journey
May 6, 2020
This webinar showcases how Freebee is using electric vans during the COVID-19 crisis. Brought to you by DMCC, Lightning Systems, and Freebee, a micro-transit company operating in Miami, FL. This session details the exhaustive process that Freebee went through to determine how to electrify their fleet and how they chose the right vehicles for them.
TECH TALK | Lion Electric Trucks and Buses
May 7, 2020
Learn all about Lion Electric’s line of all-electric medium and heavy-duty trucks, school buses, and shuttles in this webinar. Take a virtual walk-around of Lion vehicles, talk with real Lion customers, and meet the Lion Electric team to learn more about how the company is transforming the landscape of urban vehicles.
TECH TALK | XL Fleet – Fleet-Ready Electrification Solutions
May 14, 2020
Hear all about XL Fleet’s journey to becoming the leading company for fleet electrification solutions for Class 2-6 commercial and municipal vehicles. Learn how XL Fleets have helped save over 2 million gallons of fuel and eliminated over 20,000 metric tons of CO₂ emissions from the atmosphere in this interactive webinar. Enjoy product demos, customer case studies, and a Q&A session with the XL team.
TECH TALK | Motiv Power Systems – How to Procure EVs for Your Fleet and Charging Considerations
May 19, 2020
Join the Motiv Power Systems team and the Vanessa Solesbee from the Town of Estes Park’s Public Works Department as they discuss Estes Park’s motivation to go electric with a Motiv electric trolley. Learn about the process of identifying an EV vendor and discover insider tips about the funding and incentives process. Finally, learn more about charging infrastructure and gain helpful hints about plug sharing, load management, rebates and utility engagement, and more!
TECH TALK | FreeWire Technologies – Benefits of Battery Integrated Charging
June 10, 2020
Learn all about FreeWire’s innovative technology and how it could shape the future of transportation electrification by delivering reliable power solutions beyond the grid. Delivering clean, quiet mobile power and fast charging that’s readily available and easy to deploy, FreeWire Technologies products deliver power wherever and whenever you need it, without the added costs of construction or infrastructure upgrades. With scalable clean power that moves to meet demand, FreeWire customers can tackle new applications and deploy new business models without the complexity of upgrading traditional energy infrastructure.
TECH TALK | Electriphi – Software Solutions and Services for EV Fleet and Energy Management
July 22, 2020
Electriphi is a developer of software solutions and services for EV fleet and energy management. It offers an open-standards based charging and operations management platform that saves energy costs and simplifies the transition to electric vehicle fleets. View this webinar co-hosted by CASTA to learn from Electriphi Inc. how to reduce charging costs while maintaining optimal fleet operations and leverage fleet electrification planning services to design your transition to a fully electric fleet.
TECH TALK | Lion Electric Vehicle Demo & Factory Tour
October 7, 2020
Do you want to get in on the upcoming ALT Fuels Colorado grant? Did you know that Lion Electric has an entire line of vehicles that qualify for that funding opportunity? Join us to learn more about Lion Electric, their vehicles, get an online vehicle demo, and stick around to the end for a tour of their facility!
TECH TALK | Motiv Power Systems – Lessons Learned from Electric Truck & Bus Deployment
October 27, 2020
Join us and some of the Motiv Power Systems team, Kash Sethi, VP of Sales, and Isaac Stratfold, Sales Application Engineer, as they cover key aspects of successful fleet electrification. You’ll receive some tips on how to make the transition to electric easier for your fleet, and see some real examples of electric truck and bus deployments, including in Colorado.


Charging and Infrastructure Funding in Colorado: Workplace & Municipal
April 16, 2020
The Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) and Xcel Energy join us to discuss the Charge Ahead Colorado grant program. Hear from past grantees and learn about how you can get funding support for electric vehicles and charging stations across Colorado. Xcel Energy offers greater detail about their infrastructure funding program and answers questions from participants. This webinar focuses on municipal and workplace charging program support.
Charge Ahead Colorado Grant Workshop
January 21, 2020
Join us to learn more about the Charge Ahead Colorado grant program. Hear from program manager Matt Mines of the Colorado Energy office, and two ReCharge coaches as they give a program overview and list resources available to you as you work through your application. Also hear from Ian Markovitz of ChargePoint on tips for planning a successful installation. Finally, David Miller from the Alpine Bank Green Team discusses their financing options for EVSE installation and Fleets. Note: this grant cycle is open from Jan. 15 – Feb. 16, 2021.
Alt Fuels Colorado Grant Program
April 24, 2020
Enjoy this overview of the Alt Fuels Colorado Grant Program by the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC). Learn more about how you can engage with the program to improve Colorado’s air quality by replacing and scrapping pre-2009 vehicles with fully electric and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) fleet vehicles. Includes a live coaching and Q&A session with RAQC staff members. Note: the application period for this grant has now closed.
Charging and Infrastructure Funding in Colorado: Multi-family Dwellings
April 29, 2020
Hear from the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) about the Charge Ahead Colorado grant program that funds electric vehicles and charging stations across the state in this webinar. Xcel Energy speaks about their transportation infrastructure plan and answers burning questions in a Q&A session. This discussion focuses on program support resources for multi-family dwellings including apartment complexes, town homes, and senior living facilities. Note: this grant cycle is open from May 15-June 15, 2020.


Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour Series | Charging Infrastructure 101: Overview (The State of the EV Charging Market)
May 4, 2020
Learn all about electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Colorado in this new interactive webinar series from DMCC! Listen to speakers from Colorado Energy Office, RAQC, the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), and Xcel Energy talk all about charging in Colorado. Do you know how many chargers there are in Colorado? How many the State needs by 2030 to meet the CEO’s new Electric Vehicle 2020 Plan?  Tune in to find out!
Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour Series | Siting, Permitting, Paying for EVSE Installation
May 11, 2020
Learn all about siting and site host engagement for Level 2 and Level 3 electric vehicle chargers, the permitting process, official CDOT signage, anti-ICE-ing, and more in this interactive webinar series. Join speakers from Alpine Bank, Colorado Energy Office, National Car Charging, SRD Consulting, and Tesla.
Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour Series |EV-Ready Building Codes
May 18, 2020

Learn all about EV-ready building codes and how to facilitate the process of adopting charging infrastructure into your commercial and/or multi-family building with Matt Frommer from SWEEP in this interactive webinar. We will hear from Brad Smith, Fort Collins Energy Code Compliance Specialist; Katrina Managan, Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, Resiliency; Jess Hoover, Climate Action Director, High Country Conservation Center (Summit County).

Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour Series | Funding Your Infrastructure and Chargers
June 1, 2020
Join in a collaborative discussion about infrastructure costs, utility EV programs, Charge Ahead Colorado, and State and Federal Tax Credits in this Infrastructure Happy Hour webinar. Speakers include Brandyn Bicknese from Xcel Energy, Matt Mines from the Regional Air Quality Council, and Justin Wilson from ChargePoint – tune in to get your questions about funding your infrastructure and chargers. An opportunity for online networking follows.
Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour Series | Learn more about Funding Your Infrastructure and Chargers
June 15, 2020
So you’ve won a Charge Ahead Colorado grant… what’s next? Join this conversation to learn more about the Colorado state quote, what happens after the Charge Ahead Colorado grant and the Xcel projects are awarded, and get to know some of the hardware, software, and installation providers available for you. Speakers include Addison Phillips from the Colorado Energy Office, Matt Mines from the Regional Air Quality Council, Brandyn Bicknese of Xcel Energy, Kathy Pitts of Vertek, Kevin Fisher from Winn-Marion, Ian Markovitz of ChargePoint.
Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour Series | Grid Considerations
June 22, 2020
The Happy Hour this week discusses electric vehicles and grid considerations. Wondering what effect an increase in electric vehicles will have on Colorado’s electricity grid? Join us for a discussion about the resilience of the grid led by Matt Frommer from Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, Robert Welch from Black & Veatch, Sarah Davis of SRD Consulting, and Brandyn Bicknese of Xcel Energy. For addition insight into this discussion, read the recent study from Synapse Energy.
Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour Series | Utilities Roundtable
June 29, 2020

Join us for this interactive webinar discussion with Colorado Utilities. Learn all about their programs and future plans for electric vehicles led by Sarah Davis of SRD Consulting and Brandyn Bicknese of Xcel Energy.

Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour Series | EVmatch 
July 20, 2020

Join us for this presentation with EVmatch who discuss their peer-to-peer charging network solution. We were also able to chat with their team and partner, Charli Charging about their partnership and turnkey charging solutions. 

Colorado EV Infrastructure Happy Hour Series | Green Planet Lab
July 27, 2020

Join us and Green Planet Lab for our last Happy Hour of the Summer! During this webinar, we received a demo of their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) EV calculator to determine when its best to electrify your fleet. 


How EV Suitability Assessments & Innovative Procurement Can Help Your Fleet Electrify
April 30, 2020
Hear from Sawatch Labs and the Electrification Coalition in this webinar discussion. Topics include the ezEV Suitability Assessments Program and the Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative.  Wondering if your fleet should electrify? This webinar will be a great resource for you! Learn more about the operational and economic fit of fleet electrification and gain insight from cities across the country.
Get to Know: Recharge Colorado
May 12, 2020
Get the insider perspective on CEO’s ReCharge Colorado grant program. Learn about how you can receive funds to advance the adoption of light-duty electric vehicles and charging infrastructure installation in Colorado. This session will detail all the benefits of the program, including coaching services, maximizing monetary savings and customer incentives, and other advantages. Connect with ReCharge Coaches across Colorado in this session. Participation by Colorado Energy Office and ReCharge Coaches from Southern, Western, Northern, South Central, and Denver Area coaches.
Introduction to Fuel Cell EVs and Hydrogen Fueling in Colorado
May 21, 2020
Part 1 of the Hydrogen webinar series. Learn all about the TWO types of electric vehicles in this webinar. Discover the differences between fuel cell EVs and Battery EVs and the potential of each in real-world applications. Hear it from the experts at Colorado Hydrogen Network and the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory.
The Colorado Hydrogen Network: Initiatives and Mission
July 23, 2020

Part 2 of the Hydrogen webinar series. View this webinar to find out how the Colorado Hydrogen Network is working to make Colorado a key player in driving the Energy Transition. A lot is happening now with hydrogen around the world, in the US and in the Western States. Hosted in collaboration with the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association, and the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory.

Coffee Chat with Colorado Corn 
October 27, 2020

Grab your favorite cup ‘o joe, tea, or favorite morning beverage and join us and Colorado Corn for an informative 30 minutes. During this half n’ half session you can expect a quick background on biofuels, their benefits and future uses, what retailers and fleets can do know to harness this option and potential grant opportunities for fleets and retailers. Stay an extra ten minutes for the bonus cup – a ten minute tour of an ethanol plant.

EV WATTS Project Webinar 
October 28, 2020

The EV WATTS project team is collecting real-world use data from plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and charging stations. Researchers then validate, analyze, and summarize the data, which can be used to inform future research, development, and deployment. Watch this to hear from our project partners, Energetics and Clean Fuels Ohio. Also learn how to participate in the project and to address any concerns you have about sharing your fleet data.

Hydrogen is not a Commodity Like Petroleum — Understanding the Differences
October 29, 2020

Part 3 of the Hydrogen webinar series with the Colorado Hydrogen Network. It’s easy to think of hydrogen as a substitute for petroleum. But petroleum is both an energy source and carrier and can be easily stored. Watch this webinar to learn the role of each, describe this new energy paradigm, and compare the trade-offs between transportation costs and conversion losses. Hosted in collaboration with the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association, and the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory.

What the SPAC? Reverse Mergers and EV Market Growth
February 9, 2021

Do you have questions about SPACs like we do? Watch this virtual discussion to learn more about SPACs, what they are and how they will impact the commercial electric vehicle market. We are joined by Lightning eMotors and Radar Trading for an in-depth discussion on their experience with SPACs.  This webcast was hosted in collaboration with the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association, and CLEER


Cars on Calls: EV Workshop – Charging, Chargers, and Apps
April 15, 2020
This webinar, hosted by DMCC, discusses all things related to electric car charging. Topics include how charging works, a review of currently available home chargers, tips for accessing public charging, and how to use a charging station app.
Cars on Calls: EV Workshop – Weekend Edition!
May 2, 2020
The first of DMCC’s new interactive video series on EV ownership. This first session provides an overview of electric cars 101 and charging infrastructure stations and apps. The bulk of the session includes walk-arounds, car tours, and demo drive sessions with Nissan LEAF, KIA Niro, Audi e-tron, Chevy Bolt, and a Tesla Model 3.
Electric Vehicle 101 Workshop – Denver Metro
September 30, 2020
Watch this fun virtual workshop to learn all things about EVs in Colorado in celebration of National Drive Electric week. You’ll learn what makes EVs such great cars for Coloradoans, how and where to charge, which EVs are available and where to get them, and what tax credits and incentives are available. This Statewide workshop was hosted in partnership with ReCharge Colorado Program Coaches.