DMCC runs a number of programs and events and participates in policy and planning efforts in the Denver area as well as across the state. We authored two precursors to the current 2020 Colorado EV plan – the Colorado Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Readiness Plan in 2012 and the  Colorado Electric Vehicle Market Implementation Study in 2015 funded by the Colorado Energy Office. 

We participate in the Colorado Energy Office’s ReCharge Colorado program by providing complimentary electric vehicle and charging infrastructure coaching services to individuals and communities throughout the state. We have been hosting EV ride & drives in the area since 2008 when we founded a program called Driving Change (now Drive Electric Colorado), which put hundreds of people behind the wheel of plug-in electric vehicles to experience them first-hand.

Ultimately, DMCC is the go-to resource for anything related to alternative transportation in the Denver Metro area. Have a question? You can trust that we’ll answer it, or find the right person who can. That is the power of Clean Cities!